Interested in exploring the power that “place” or environment has in enabling greater collaboration, innovation and ultimately greater student success in higher ed? Ever heard of maker spaces or informal learning environments that are encouraging design thinking, prototyping and more hands on learning? Steelcase Education researcher, Andrew Kim, acclaimed leader of the Think Center at The University of Southern Mississippi, Bonnie Cooper, and the CEO and founder of BetaVersity, Sean Newman Maroni, share their experiences of why innovation and collaboration are so important to student success and why the emergence of particular spaces designed with innovation and collaboration in mind are making way for a more progressive and engaged type of learning. You will learn: 

•     Why space and place matter in education 

•     How space fosters greater collaboration and innovation 

•     How the Think Center is implementing the power of place at The University of Southern Mississippi 

•     How institutions are working with BetaVersity. Taking the power of place to a new level in education

View the video below, or use the link under the video window to download the video file. You can download the accompanying slide deck by clicking here.


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