As higher education institutions confront increasing competition for new students, the burden of decades-old administrative systems has become a top-of-mind issue. Without the right tools, many colleges and universities struggle to find the best-fit students and miss the mark with enrollment goals. Join a panel of university leaders partnering with Workday as they discuss how modern technology can increase the effectiveness of your institution’s admissions process. In this one-hour session:

- Speakers will explain what colleges and universities need to locate, attract, and retain ideal student prospects.

- Workday will discuss why recruiting ideal students is so important and how to identify the right students for your institution.

- We’ll show you how a student system designed for today's mobile generation can improve visibility into student needs, thereby increasing retention and recruitment.

Learn how our customer design partners are helping Workday develop a student system that reflects the realities of today’s colleges and universities

View the video below, or use the link under the video window to download the video file. You can download the accompanying slide deck by clicking here.

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