This week’s episode explores a new plan to remake, rather than tweak, the complex web of policies and pathways by which learners move between colleges.

The set of programs, policies and pathways by which learners move between colleges and universities is complex and often incoherent. Many students enter the transfer maze and never get through it, costing them time and money.

That’s especially problematic because the students who seek to transfer are disproportionately those whom higher education has historically served least well – students from low-income backgrounds, members of underrepresented minority groups, working learners.

This week’s episode of The Key discusses the work of the Tackling Transfer Policy Advisory Board. The group of national experts convened to try to “fix” transfer, but its new report, out this week, concludes instead that this moment really demands a broader “reset.”

Marty J. Alvarado, executive vice chancellor for educational services at the California Community Colleges chancellor’s office and a leader of the advisory board, discusses the effort and the transfer landscape.

Hosted by Inside Higher Ed Co-founder and Editor Doug Lederman.

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