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January 21, 2022
Weekly Wisdom featuring Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell.

  • The Key Podcast

    Hear candid conversations with higher ed newsmakers on how colleges and universities are coping with the pandemic and recession -- with a special focus on equity and lower-income students.

  • University Innovation Alliance

    Weekly Wisdom features quick interviews with sitting college presidents and chancellors designed to distill wisdom and insights from leading during the pandemic in order to inspire and support the everyday leaders throughout institutions.

  • Academic Minute

    The Academic Minute features professors from top institutions around the country, delving into topics from the serious to the light-hearted, keeping listeners abreast of what's new and exciting in the academy.

  • The Pulse

    The Pulse, hosted by Rodney B. Murray of University of the Sciences, is Inside Higher Ed's monthly technology podcast.

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January 19, 2022
Trust in government is said to be at an all-time low. In today’s Academic Minute, American University’s Anna Amirkhanyan digs in to find out if national trends are just spin.
January 18, 2022
Studies repeatedly find that the most common barriers to student success, particularly for those students attending community college, include the cost of childcare, transportation and textbooks. In this webcast, Inside Higher Ed Editors Doug Lederman and Scott Jaschik will explore the impact that expensive textbooks have had on enrollment and retention rates and the deep-rooted factors that have historically driven this pricing. They will share the approaches that textbook providers and universities have recently implemented to reduce costs and increase accessibility to these books and resources -- especially for their most vulnerable student populations.
January 18, 2022
Fostering an inclusive environment is key during a time of crisis. In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Hartford’s Karla I. Loya explores how to make sure no one gets left behind in the classroom.
January 17, 2022
Why are consumers still finding empty shelves? In today's Academic Minute, Wayne State University's Kevin Ketels delves into the reasons behind the shortages.
January 14, 2022
Having vague goals makes them even harder to reach. In today’s Academic Minute, Edith Cowan University’s Joanne M. Dickson determines how to stay on track.



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