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EPA delays GHG regulation, cries wolf
September 15, 2011 - 4:45pm

To nobody's surprise, here it is.

'[T]he decision to delay the proposed rule was driven by agency considerations and not by political pressure from the White House." Right. I would point out that the EPA had no way to know that regulation of GHGs was coming. (Of course, George W. Bush promised to do just that when he first ran for president, but nobody remembers that far back.) Just like they had no way to know September 30 was coming.

I have only two questions.

1 - Why do they even bother making statements denying political pressure?

2 - And when they regularly do make such statements, is it any wonder that no one believes anything else they say?

I remember hearing the economics editor of Fortune magazine (I think it was Monday on NPR) saying that he was resigning from the Republican party and starting the "grown-up party". As part of the discussion, he bemoaned the food fight in Washington between ideologues on the one hand and incompetents on the other. At the moment, I can't see any reason to disagree with him.


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