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Just a couple of quick thoughts.

October 17, 2010

Just a couple of quick thoughts.

First, a recent study from NASA/Goddard re-emphasizes the level of CO2 as the primary driver of climatic temperature, but presents a wider range of possibilities than we normally hear about. For example, the modelers set the level of CO2 to zero, and watched how quickly the Earth (or, at least, the simulated Earth) froze. Perhaps, rather than emphasizing "CO2 is bad" (which has proven a tad problematic), we might do well to emphasize "imbalance is bad". Even the climate change deniers might have trouble coming out in favor of imbalance. Although some of them . . .

But then, I heard on the radio that what sounded like "Typhoon McGee" was bearing down on the Philippines. The greenhouse effect warms the oceans, and warmer oceans create bigger storms, so maybe there's a tie-in (at least, at the thematic level). Anyway, the real name turns out to be "Typhoon Megi", but the pronunciation is very similar. Still, before I got my spelling corrected I was reminded of a professional wrestler from the 1950's or so. Kind of a crude character of somewhat comic proportion. And I wondered whether a caricature along those lines might make for a useful public service marketing campaign. It's not the 1950's any more, and "don't be a litterbug" was designed for a more innocent time, but if I can find the right commercial art students, maybe we can put some sort of noir-ish graphic-novel-esque image together, and try it out on campus.


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