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Modest proposal #6 - Better bureaucracy

OK, enough of the fancy in springtime schtick.

April 14, 2008

OK, enough of the fancy in springtime schtick.

Proposals #2 and #3, and a couple which have yet to forthcome, depend on keeping records or exerting influence on the purchasing habits of campus denizens. That being the case, simply as an enabling (yet low) technology, I'm going to propose that Greenback re-establish a comprehensive central purchasing function. Maybe it's a central database system which faculty and staff in departments across campus can utilize, but there needs to be a central point of recordation and, possibly, control. (More on that control thing, later this week.)

So, this one doesn't have any direct impact, but we still need to do it, to facilitate proposals that do.

Is your school headed in this direction? Do you still (did you ever) enforce central purchasing?


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