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Not Babylon 5
May 3, 2010 - 7:26pm

I don't want to think about the crude oil currently spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

I'd much rather think about how Tokyo is trying out a bunch of all-electric taxicabs with replaceable batteries, so the cabs don't have to sit idle for any sort of recharging cycle.

Not about how the oil flow into precious waters is now estimated at five times what it previously was, which was itself five times as fast as BP's initial estimate.

Better to think about the fact that a bunch of guys from NASA/Goddard and Columbia have calculated that the USA could very feasibly eliminate coal-fired electrical generation within 20 years.

Definitely not about how the oil is headed for the Loop Current, and the Gulf Stream, and Europe. And about how, under the best scenario imaginable, it's going to continue spewing for at least a week. No guarantees. Could be a month or a year or even longer.

Because every time I think those oily thoughts, a voice echos in the back of my mind.

". . . and so it begins."

Babylon 5's been off the air for a while, so I'm thinking the voice must be emanating from that stray tomcat who's been hanging around. He talks a blue streak. Maybe he's starting to get into my mind.

Or maybe it's just my job.


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