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The return of reality-based government
January 21, 2009 - 2:41pm

I'm as over-inaugurated as anybody. For fully understandable reasons, the nation is partying hearty. Wall Street fell a full 4% yesterday, and nobody cares. We're all drunk (for good reason), and the hangover's gonna be a real monster.

So be it.

But it's good to know that, even when we return to our senses, there'll be reason to smile. (Even if it hurts.) The official White House page on energy and the environment has a few clunkers on it (like the omnipresent reference to "clean coal"), but it's a furr sight closer to the sort of policy position we need than I'd even dared hope for.

Check it out. Think about the potential impacts some of these initiatives might have. And recognize that the basic thrust is repeated on the page dealing with the economy -- no conflict allowed between what we need and what we can afford to do.

Personally, I'd rather see a call for 85% reduction in emissions by 2050 than the 80% that's listed. But hey! Ninety-four percent of a loaf is better than none. (And none is what we've seen for a lot of years, now.)


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