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"An Innovation Renaissance": Kindle Book + TED Talk
January 11, 2012 - 8:00pm

Launching The Innovation Renaissance: A New Path to Bring Smart Ideas to Market Fast  (TED Books) by Alex Tabarrok

This TED talk / concise Kindle book tie-up is pure genius. There is something both substantial and efficient about the length of the videos and the books. Watch in a few minutes, read in a couple of hours. Free video accessible on any screen, inexpensive book ($2.99) that can be downloaded in seconds and read on any screen. Brilliant.

The Tabarrok TED talk on how ideas trump crises is one of my favorites. His optimistic take on the future economic status of our children, a positive future driven largely by the coming waves of ideas, consumers and creators in the emerging world, is a terrific balance to the daily economic uncertainty that we all feel.

His book is far less optimistic. Less an straight expansion on the ideas about globalization and economic growth from the TED Talk, and more of a policy argument for how to unleash innovation. Tabarrok includes the usual suspects (more investments in education and basic research, incentives for quality teachers, a sensible immigration policy that encourages educated and skilled migrants), but also some non-standard ideas such as changing the patent and copyright system. 

Why doesn't TED put a link to buy the book on the TED talk page?  

Why doesn't Amazon put the TED talk on the Amazon book page?   

Why doesn't Amazon bundle the full TED talk in the book?

How come digital books do not come with extras such as author talks and interviews?

What TED talk would you like to see expanded into a short e-book?

What are you reading?


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