• Law, Policy -- and IT?

    Tracy Mitrano explores the intersection where higher education, the Internet and the world meet (and sometimes collide).


Literacy in the Digital Age: Conclusion


May 31, 2011


I do not have a rabbit to pull out of a hat. The situation is complicated. But the situation of complex societies is always complicated. Moral clarity may be the result. If the Internet has the potential to transfigure humanity, and literacy reflects a culture’s ideals, then education is about this relationship: teaching to the whole person. I still believe in the real meaning of literacy: the intrinsic love – and I mean that word – of passing information along and sharing knowledge. I want to have a hand in that experience. I believe in cura personalis. It is a philosophy that incorporates both the means and the ends of a dynamic and powerful process. As my teacher taught me, culture is not evolutionary biology; it does not get passed down through our genes, but must be self-consciously preserved, inculcated, and transferred from one generation to the next. If that medium is through information technologies, then we must subordinate those tools for the purpose of achieving institutional goals and instill in every generation the essential fuel to keep the political engine running: the value of citizenship.


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