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Wait Until You Hear This!
February 13, 2011 - 9:01pm

Wait until you hear what advertisers support the collegeACB site. Below is the better part of an email I received from the father of one of the students at Cornell who has taken action by going after the advertisers. I suspect you will be as shocked as I was to read his message, below in italics.

My wife and I decided to look at the College ACB website to see who the advertisers are. It was surprising to see the following sponsors:

-United Way

-American Heart Association

-Big Brothers Big Sisters

-Library of Congress (this was really unbelievable!!)

There appear to be 4 other sponsors, 1 being the ACLU. The others look like they’re commercial businesses.

Anyway, we wrote to Big Brothers Big Sisters via their website informing them that they were advertising on a website that allows for racist, vulgar, slanderous and even physically threatening comments.

We already received a response from them (Sandy Maskell, Director of Affiliate Relations) that they will be working to get the advertising removed. It seems that they weren’t aware that the ads were on the

College ACB site.

It appears that the 4 organizations mentioned above work through the Ad Council (I’m not sure I understand their role yet) who appears to be placing the ads on the website.

We also wrote to the Library of Congress and are awaiting their response. We’ll contact the other 2 organizations this week.

I’m hoping that if the number of advertisers are reduced (or even eliminated), that the site will eventually go away. If other parents contact you about this site, perhaps you can share this strategy with them.

Publishing this information here is the best I can do to help the family.


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