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Drama Mama: 4 Things

A list of 4 things that amaze me about this next generation

1. Balance

July 20, 2008

A list of 4 things that amaze me about this next generation

1. Balance

Ever notice how many activities our students can manage at any one time? If they are successful, they are miraculously successful at the art of balance. They develop awesome powers of time management and schedule maintenance. Don’t believe me? Just check out the many applications they have on face book for managing every part of their lives. Although I admit many of them are still learning time management, most hone their skills before leaving the fine world of academia. From here, they move on to lifestyles that have an admirable balance of work, home and family time.

2. Technology

Although it seems obvious, these kids have not only learned the technical tools the world has provided them but found ways to use them to their ultimate advantage in any discipline they choose to study. From imovie to photoshop to skype and twitter, these kids communicate and create in ways we can only hope to aspire.

3. Service

These kids volunteer their time, donate to charity and travel the world to better understand how they can use their privileges to help others. For every slacker kid who wants to skate through school finding the easy way out, there seems to be another who adamantly makes service a large part of their life. It is as if there is an inherent understanding that with rights and privileges come responsibilities and they are willing to step up to meet the challenge head on.

4. Heroism

For these kids whose formative years included Columbine and 9/11, courage and heroism doesn’t seem distant or debatable, it is “the right thing to do”. Unlike my GenX peers where the very word “hero” is met with skepticism and cynicism, these kids are clear on what is possible and they must do. They are a generation of heroes on the rise and one can’t help but think – perhaps they can save the world.

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