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Have the Rules Changed?
March 7, 2010 - 7:35pm

I sometimes feel unqualified to write this column. I work with clients who teach, but aside from the occasional speaking engagement, I have not been personally involved with academia for over 15 years. So what I have to say may be outmoded. If so, I count on you to set me straight.

I have three graduate degrees from two universities: a master’s in drama therapy from New York University and both a master’s in clinical/school psychology and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Adelphi. In all three programs, there were two cardinal rules of scholarship:

1. Read your sources carefully; and

2. Stay close to the data.

I have strayed from #2 occasionally on this blog—most recently in my assertion that the world is less safe for middle class children now than when I was growing up. Readers have called me on these errors, and I’m grateful.

I bring this up because I’m puzzled by two responses to last week’s post.

Paul Rutter titled his comment, “Basing a theory on one experience?” when I had specifically stated, “This is not a comment on Irish pub music, or Irish music, or Ireland.”

And mb asserted, “While indeed there is gender-based discrimination in academia - many times the ‘soft’ type described here, but often overt - it is against men, not women,” without offering any supporting data.

Have the rules changed, or am I missing something else?


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