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January 17, 2012
Nope, no thoughts about mathematics.  Well, no thoughts that are explicitly about mathematics although -- where sustainability is concerned -- math is always implicitly part of the conversation.
January 17, 2012
For all of our talk about the college’s carbon footprint, we at Alma have lately been discussing the many ways in which even a small college impacts the local community and environment.
January 16, 2012
MFA candidate Sean MacIntyre interviews Okla Elliott on his new story collection, From the Crooked Timber.
January 16, 2012
My childhood set the stage and grad school ruined me. 
January 16, 2012
The Presidents of the Chicago area community colleges will keep or lose their jobs based on the graduation rates at their respective colleges. This is an awful and great idea. I’d hate to be in their shoes, though.
January 16, 2012
The first week of classes is always a bit of a blur for me. I love meeting my new students, getting my syllabi in order, catching up with colleagues — but, really, it’s so busy I can barely breathe.  
January 16, 2012
"A Blackboard spokesman declined to comment on the various companies seeking some of its business."  From Cracking Up the LMS: What Does the LMS of the Future Look Like?  1/11/12 by Steve Kolowich. Ray Henderson, President of Blackboard Learn, subsequently offered a terrific (balanced, honest, and positive) response in comments area (definitely go and read what Ray had to say).
January 16, 2012
Radical Student Affairs Practitioners ... Do they exist? Does our profession allow them to exist? Do we nurture them or isolate them? Are they leading our associations or quietly leading from the periphery? Does Student Affairs deconstruct the status quo or do we sustain it?
January 16, 2012
In the days preceding my wedding in a Cambridge College chapel,  my brother would perform a spot-on imitation of George Costanza from Seinfeld and shriek, "Worlds Collide!" each time the English and American in-laws to be or my husband's Oxonian undergrad buddies and our shared Cantabrigian graduate cohort threatened to run amok.
January 15, 2012
Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal Economy by Robert Neuwirth "System D" is Neuwirth's term to describe what others have called the "informal economy", "the gray market", or the "underground economy."



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