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Are your bookmarks Delicious?
August 6, 2010 - 4:15am

I have been using as my social bookmarking service for more than 2 years. It has become an indispensable tool in my online toolkit. I have more than 2,500 bookmarks and almost 500 unique tags in my account. If Yahoo, the current owner of Delicious, ever decided to charge a fee for the service, I would gladly pay whatever they asked. Delicious is my online memory. I use it on a daily basis to keep track of web sites that I come across while surfing the web. It is probably the most important web service that I use on the web...and that's saying quite a bit about its utility.

Why is Delicious so useful?

  • Availability: Unlike browser-based "favorites" or "bookmarks" that are dependent on a single computer or device, Delicious bookmarks are accessible via any web-enabled device. I can even access my bookmarks on my new Droid X smartphone. My bookmarks follow me around instead of forcing me to be tethered to a single computer.
  • Tags: When you bookmark a URL in Delicious, you have the opportunity to add a tag or multiple tags to the Delicious entry. Tags are a great way to sort, share and find your bookmarks. You can easily go into your Delicious account and find your bookmarks. I often use tags to organize events that I'm speaking at...After I am done giving my talk, I can share the link to the specific resources that I mentioned in my presentation.
  • Network / Sharing: The social aspect of Delicious is amazing. Add your friends to your Delicious network and you can see the resources that they have bookmarked and vice versa. I have found many useful web sites via the bookmarks of my Delicious network.
  • RSS: Delicious creates RSS feeds for every tag in your account. These custom feeds can be imported into a blog, a Facebook page, a Yahoo Pipe, etc. I use an embedded Yahoo Pipe to create a custom set of links, via a Delicious RSS tag feed, to share pre-med information with my advisees.
  • Linkrolls: Delicious provides a nifty way of embedding bookmarks on a webpage via "Linkrolls."

Are you using Delicious? I would love to know all about the creative ways in which you are using this wonderful service.

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