Facebook introduces video calling

July 6, 2011

Remember when I said that we, as users, get to benefit from the competitive landscape that is the social media tussle between Facebook and Google? That was two days ago. As if on cue, Facebook (and Mark Zuckerberg, who should never be allowed to speak in public) introduced Skype-powered video calling on Wednesday.

According to Zuckerberg, there are now more than 750 users on Facebook. For anyone in student affairs who uses Facebook to connect with students, Facebook-powered video calling may become a standard means of connecting with web-based learners. Facebook video calling is currently limited to one-on-one conversations. I'm guessing that Facebook will have to compete with Google+'s Hangout functionality sooner than later. Group video conversations are fast-becoming a standard instead of a novelty.

I predict that Facebook video calling will be an epic success for both the company and its users. Why? Because Facebook has enough resources to continuously tweak the functionality until everyone is happy.

What do you think? Is Facebook innovating or just following in Google's footsteps?

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