Google Wallet and Campus Transactions

September 25, 2011

Can your phone be your wallet? That's what Google is hoping will happen with last week's launch of Google Wallet. When I wrote about Near Field Communication (NFC) last year, the focus was mostly on mobile content access/consumption. With Google Wallet, a NFC-based system, we can purchase items using our cellphone. Contactless payments have been around for quite a while, but I've always thought that they were somewhat suspect. Google Wallet may bring contactless payment capability (and confidence in said technology) to consumers in vast amounts. The only caveat being that most phones in the United States are not NFC-ready. However, I would imagine that NFC will soon become a standard feature...at least in Android-based phones. Especially now that "MotoGoogle" has happened.

For those higher education administrators who work in campus auxiliary services, Google Wallet should have an instant appeal. Campus transactions via contactless cellphone purchases are most-likely going to become the standard way in which we buy things. As these new technologies evolve and improve, campus auxiliaries will have to look at their own technological growth. Campus card services are not going away, but phone-based transactions are certainly going to become more mainstream.

When I watch the clip of George Constanza as he struggles with his wallet, I am reminded of my father's wallet as it is the exact same outrageous size as George's. My father will probably never adopt Google Wallet. Will you?

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