OSU Flashmob Breaks Out In Front of the Student Union

October 5, 2010

What does this post have to do with student affairs and technology? That's a great question! For my first week as a non-OSU employee, and as a full-time Beaver Alum, I feel compelled to share this amazing video with my readers. I suppose the technological aspect comes from the fact that the video was shot using a Digital SLR and then uploaded in all of its amazing hi-def goodness to YouTube. The Student Affairs focus is obvious to anyone in the OSU community. Several student affairs personnel are dancing in the video. If you look closely, you can even spot OSU's Dean of Students, Mamta Accapadi among the 70+ dancers.

I think what the OSU flashmob showcases to me is that high quality video production has become a standard for our campuses. High definition video equipment has become ubiquitous. YouTube has became the standard location for video uploads/hosting. The standards for quality and sophistication have been raised to new heights.

Do you have examples of amazing university/college student affairs unit videos? One of my all-time favorites is the flashmob from the Ohio Union.

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