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Ten Terrific Twitter Tools
October 28, 2010 - 11:15pm

I use Twitter a lot. I am actively engaged in using Twitter as my personal and professional learning network. As a platform for learning and communication, Twitter is constantly evolving due to the many ways in which its community of users "learns" how to maximize "tweeting." Here are some of the websites and tools that I use on a regular basis to leverage the power of Twitter.

Twitter Apps / Clients:

  • TweetDeck: One of my all-time favorite applications for accessing Twitter. TweetDeck is available as a desktop app as well as on the iPhone and Android devices.
  • UberTwitter: When I was a Blackberry user, UberTwitter was and still is, the best app for Twitter on a Blackberry.
  • Seesmic: While I never really used the desktop version of Seesmic, the Android version is extremely dependable/functional.

Stats / Visualization / Data:

  • TweetStats: A quick tool for some simple Twitter visualizations. It shows that I had 2 tweets in March of 2007 (when I joined Twitter) and that I have tweeted 1,419 times this month!
  • TwitterCounter: A great site for predicting your level of engagement on Twitter.
  • TwapperKeeper: I've linked to the #EDUCAUSE10 hashtag to showcase the power of TwapperKeeper. It collects a lot of Twitter data.
  • Mentionmap: A nifty Twitter visualization tool. A great way to see who is connected to whom. I've found a few new tweeps to follow using Mentionmap

Hashtag chat / conversation tools:

  • TweetChat: Whenever I participate in a hashtag-based Twitter chat (e.g. #sachat), I always use TweetChat.
  • Twitterfall: Another fantastic tool for displaying tweets. Twitterfall is practically a Twitter multi-tool.
  • What the Hashtag?: If you want a transcript from a hashtag-based Twitter conversation, What the Hashtag? is the perfect tool.

Now I know that some of you have not yet signed up for Twitter. That's okay. Feel free to go to and sign up. Once you get started, I would highly recommend that you read "Twitter 101 For Business (or Higher Education)." It's a how-to guide written by the folks at Twitter. After you have been on Twitter for a while, you can start adding extras to your Twitter routine. For example, I use Twunfollow to keep track of my Twitter "churn" (I am unfollowed by about 10 different accounts per day!).

What are your favorite Twitter tools?

Do you tweet? Let's connect. Follow me on Twitter.


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