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The tweeting Dean of Students
August 11, 2010 - 4:30am

I've been keeping track of as many tweeting Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAOs) as I possibly can via a Twitter list. It is interesting to see how different tweeting styles emerge based on personality, strategy, and a willingness to adopt social media from a leadership perspective.

While he does not tweet a lot, Kenn Elmore, the Dean of Students at Boston University (BU), has an amazing way of finding interesting tidbits or "musings" to send out to the Twitter universe.

"DeanElmore" frequently posts links to New York Times articles and poses questions based on the context of the article. With more than 3,400 followers, Dean Elmore is the most-followed SSAO on my Twitter list. His tweets are usually posted via an iPhone in order to keep up with the dean's busy schedule.

I've spoken with Dean Elmore numerous times about using Twitter as a communications platform from within a student affairs position. We both agree that microblogs can be a powerful medium for branding and engagement. The dean does not respond to his fellow twitterers very often. When a reply is posted, it is usually to a member of the BU community. The effect of this type of engagement is especially provocative and powerful. Only a handful of folks receive replies on a regular basis. In Dean Elmore's "Twitterverse," less is truly more. I'm still waiting for one of those coveted replies...

If you are an SSAO and you're interested in how you can use Twitter, I would highly suggest that you follow Dean Elmore's tweet stream.

Are you an SSAO? Are you on Twitter? Why? Why not?

Do you tweet? Follow me on Twitter.


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