Top 5 Posts of 2010

I love web stats. If I had a cat, I would name it "Google Analytics."

January 4, 2011

I love web stats. If I had a cat, I would name it "Google Analytics."

According to the site stats for this blog, these were the top 5 most read posts of 2010:

  1. iPads in action: A bit of Apple hype? Perhaps. However, a great introduction to how one student affairs department is using iPads in practice.
  2. Are your bookmarks Delicious?: The irony of this post is that Yahoo may be discontinuing Delicious. Needless to say, I was devastated when I heard the news. Thankfully, Joshua's bookmarks are not Delicious.
  3. OSU Flashmob Breaks Out In Front of the Student Union: Flashmobs continued to "spontaneously" erupt at campuses all over the country in 2010. I have a feeling that something else will be afoot in 2011.
  4. Two Calendars, Doodle, and One Calendar to Rule Them All: Clearly this should have been number one. C'mon folks, the overt homage to the Lord of The Rings should have put this post ahead of the rest. However, while I'm still using Doodle, I have yet to embrace Tungle...
  5. Twitter Fast Follow: One more way to use Twitter to communicate with students: Okay, how many people implemented a Twitter Fast Follow campaign on their campus? Mobile devices, apps, connectivity, and functionality are going to be a major topic in 2011.

What do you think the top student affairs / technology stories will be in 2011?

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