Tufts, You Are The One...I'll Be Your Jumbo

September 1, 2011

When Grace Oberhofer was placed on Harvard's admissions waitlist, she created a video to try to advance her cause. With more than 88,000 views on YouTube, her video has gone somewhat viral. Wearing a Harvard stocking cap (a tuque for our Canadian readers), Grace sings a 3 minute ode to Harvard that some have called whiney. I think it's awesome. She rocks the piano while singing such gems as "In veritas I must admit that Harvard's grand. Advancements every day let's give her a hand." While I could do without the Harry Potter spectacles, Oberhofer's creative spin on trying to get admitted is wonderfully entertaining. Sadly, she was not admitted to Harvard. However, Oberhofer didn't let Harvard's denial stop her from attending a school in Massachusetts.

Fortunately for Oberhofer, she was admitted by Tufts University. Her second video, entitled "Dear Tufts" is a brilliant follow-up to her "Dear Harvard" clip. I'm not sure what her major will be at Tufts, but Oberhofer has a creative spirit that will most certainly be welcomed at Tufts. Harvard's loss is Tufts' win.

I sincerely hope that Tufts shares her video with other students. It's a great example of the excitement that is generated when a student gets accepted to a university. Admissions departments take note: Students can build your brand via 3-minute YouTube videos...even those that are not part of official communications channels.

What do you think? Did Grace Oberhofer hurt her chances of getting into Harvard with her waitlist video? She certainly generated quite the buzz about both institutions.

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