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Adobe Connect Pro for Browser-Based Voice-Over Authoring?
December 6, 2010 - 9:15pm


  • The ability to easily create and share voice-over presentations.
  • Does not require any download or installation of an application (i.e. works through the browser).


  • Students are increasingly also employees. They utilize company or institutional laptops to complete their online course work, and these laptops are often "locked-down" to the installation of new programs.


  • Can Adobe's Connect Pro Web conferencing system double as a browser based rapid authoring tool?

Example of Recording:


  • Connect Pro does not require the download or installation of an application, and therefore should be available for all learners to utilize the platform for rapid authoring of voice-over content.
  • Connect Pro is already being utilized for synchronous meetings, therefore would eliminate the need to train and support on a new tool.
  • Adobe offers both hosted and local Connect Pro accounts, and therefore allows easy experimentation.
  • Recording creates a unique and persistent URL that can be easily shared or uploaded to the LMS.
  • Flash file format for recording is compatible across browsers and platforms.
  • Multiple geographically dispersed authors can simultaneously record voice-over presentation.
  • Capture can include documents, users screens, as well as presenter video.
  • Light editing tools are provided.


  • Adobe Connect Pro not originally designed for this function.
  • Limited information on recording levels and recording status during voice-over creation.
  • Students must login to separate Adobe Connect Web front-end (and go through a number of clicks) to find the recording URL.
  • No ability to preview the recording or grab the recording link from the Adobe Connect Meeting room.
  • System does not generate an e-mail or other notification of voice-over recording.
  • No "file-out" option to convert flash recording into mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod) usable video format. Recording can only be viewed through the browser.
  • No "file-out" option for editing or post-production of voice-over presentation.
  • Slides are not indexed, so viewers cannot jump around in the presentation.
  • User experience was not designed to consume voice-over presentation.

Your Thoughts?:

  • Why hasn't Adobe evolved their Connect tool to fill the clear need for a simple, Web based rapid authoring?
  • Are there any other options beyond Connect Pro for a Web based voice-over rapid authoring tool?
  • Are any of you utilizing Adobe Connect Pro for student rapid authoring and sharing?
  • Do you think Adobe Connect Pro is a good solution for these requirements?


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