EDUCAUSE 2010 Day 2: Hamel, Gates, Lecture Capture, and Tough Publishers

How was your day two (Wednesday) of EDUCAUSE 2010? Big takeaways? Surprises? Revelations? (okay…maybe that is asking too much).

Here are the 4 big things that standout for me from day two:

October 13, 2010

How was your day two (Wednesday) of EDUCAUSE 2010? Big takeaways? Surprises? Revelations? (okay…maybe that is asking too much).

Here are the 4 big things that standout for me from day two:

1. Hamel: The General Session talk this morning by Gary Hamel, "Reinventing Management for a Networked World," was amazing. TED-worthy. Inspiring. Hamel has a way of thinking about organizational change that is both surprising and insightful. Among many other points, Hamel contends that colleges and universities must bring all levels of the organization to the table when it comes to shaping the strategic direction. Due to his relationships with many companies, Hamel is able to tell stories about how some organizations have managed to evolve at the pace of digital change, and was able to provide us lessons and ideas for how higher ed must evolve as well. One of the best General Sessions I've attended.

Did you go to the General Session? What did you think? What was your big takeaway?

2. Gates: The Next Generation Learning Challenges from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are being discussed everywhere. The Gates Foundation has successfully moved the conversation, and at the same time provided a jolt of energy and excitement into our efforts to utilize technology as a lever to support systematic change within higher ed. The people from the Gates Foundation who are working on the Next Generation Learning Challenges are truly brilliant - this is the initiative that many of us have been waiting for.

Do you plan to get involved in the Next Generation Learning Challenges?

3. Lecture Capture: The big news coming out of the conference today is the partnership between TechSmith and Sonic Foundry. The partnership "allows faculty who create course content with Camtasia Relay to automatically upload their recordings to Mediasite's centrally managed, scalable and secure knowledge library." These partnerships are exactly what the lecture capture world needs. I very much hope that the leadership from TechSmith and the other lecture capture vendors, particularly ECHO 360 which also features a capture appliance, get together to do similar deals.

Has the Conference moved your thinking on lecture capture?

4. Tough Publishers: Had lunch today with Don Kilburn, President and CEO, Pearson Learning Solutions. I've been critical of publishers in the past, wondering if they will be able to reinvent themselves from their 19th century roots to adapt to a digital, agile, and open future. I have to say that if any publisher is going to do it, I think Pearson has the best shot, and I think so largely because of Don Kilburn. Don strikes me as both smart and tough, some who will ruthlessly drag Pearson into the post paper textbook era. He has already focussed the company on education, and has engineered some really smart acquisitions (such as eCollege and Fronter - among others). If you have the chance, try to spend some time talking with Don.

Do you think the big publishing companies will evolve and prosper in the next 10 years, or will they suffer the same fate as traditional newspapers and record labels?

How is your EDUCAUSE 2010 going?


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