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High School Students and Technology
November 29, 2010 - 9:11pm

I'm going to ask for 7 and 45 seconds of your time (believe me, I know this is asking for a lot). Please check out this video from the NYT's "Fast Times at Woodside High: How Technology is Distracting Students":

Some questions:

Are the students shown in the video representative of those students we will be seeing on our campus in the next few years?

Vishal Singh, the kid who loves to use technology to create and edit movies, seems poorly served by his high school. What college or university would you recommend for Vishai?

How common are kids like Vishai?

The NYT's video compares video games to an addiction - but goes on to profile how Woodside is also offering a class in video game design. Do you see video game playing as a pro or con on your campus? Are video games being incorporated into your curriculum?

Mobile phones/computers seem to dominate the lives of the kids at Woodside. Are we ready to take advantage of this platform, and the skilled mobile users, that will be arriving on our campuses in the next few years?


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