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LinkedIn and Conference Readers
November 15, 2010 - 8:46pm

Today was the first time I used LinkedIn to develop a list of potential readers for a conference submission process that I’m working on. What a pleasure!

Figuring out which networks to tap of tasks such as looking for volunteer readers or evaluators has always been a challenge. We end up going back to the people who have volunteered before, or people we connect with on a regular basis.

What is great about using LinkedIn to find readers/evaluators is that some unexpected names pop-up. For instance, I was not thinking of tapping my contacts in industry - but in looking at my LinkedIn list I realized that they may make great evaluators for academic conference submissions.

LinkedIn is one of those few social networks that I am finding to be more useful as my professional demands increase. Facebook has become little more than a distraction (although I liked the movie), it could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss it much. But LinkedIn is beginning to embody my professional network - a property infinitely more valuable as relationships drive so much of successful practice in the world of educational technology.

Is your professional network on LinkedIn?

How do you use LinkedIn to manage your professional networks?

What features would you like to see on LinkedIn to improve usability, functionality, etc?

What other platforms would you like to see LinkedIn integrated with?

What do you see as the limitations of LinkedIn?


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