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My Google Cover Letter - GMoodle
July 8, 2010 - 8:39pm

Dear Google. Thank you for this opportunity to apply for the Vice President of Global Higher Education. Rather than talk about my experience, strengths, etc. etc., I'd like to use this opportunity to lay out my plans for Google Higher Education in my first year at the company.

Within One Year, Google Will:

--Offer a free Google Moodle (GMoodle) learning management system (LMS) to any educational institution.

--GMoodle will be re-developed to include full integration with Google Docs and Google Apps for Education. GMoodle becomes another module in the Google Apps for Education suite.

--The re-development of GMoodle will allow faculty and students the choice to make any course content private (only course members), open to their institution, or open to the world. Learners will be able to easily attach Creative Commons copyright protections to any piece of content loaded into a GMoodle course.

--Tools will be provided to allow seamless automatic migration from commercial LMS vendor platforms into GMoodle.

Why Create GMoodle?

--Google's mission has always been to "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." A great deal of the world's best information is locked up in closed and siloed learning management systems. Learners and educators have no good way of easily sharing their course content and learning interactions with the world.

--GMoodle aligns with Google's ambitions to utilize technology improve lives. There is no more important goal than that of spreading and improving education. A free GMoodle, when combined with the Google Apps for Education, will allow education institutions to focus investments on their core competencies of teaching and learning. By reducing the fixed costs of providing high quality, Web based education, GMoodle and Google can be part of the movement to bend the educational cost curve and insure that high quality learning is not restricted to the most affluent.

What is the Business Case for GMoodle:

--GMoodle offers the greatest ROI in the educational space. Moodle is a stable and mature open source platform to build on. The architecture of Moodle lends itself to efficient integration with the existing Google Apps offerings.

--For a relatively modest investment, Google will offer a system that insures that the company's services are critical and relevant to the everyday lives and tasks of learners and educators.

Thank you again for this opportunity to apply for the position of Vice President of Global Higher Education. I look forward to further detailing the specifics of how I'd lead the GMoodle effort in my first year of employment at Google.

Yours truly,

Joshua Kim


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