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My Media Consumption: Content, Format, Platform and Sources
February 24, 2011 - 9:15pm

Been thinking about my media consumption diet. What I consume, and what I do not. Below is a quick estimation of the content, format, platform and sources of the media I consume.

A couple of things stand out from these lists. No media through cable, satellite or broadcast TV. Almost never go to movies, Rarely purchase books at bookstores.

Somewhat surprised how restricted my media diet looks, and how only a few "sources" (or providers) dominate.


Content : Mostly non-fiction
Format: Digital (audiobook, e-book) and Paper
Platform: iPod (audibooks), Kindle, Paper
Sources: Amazon (, Kindle Store, Amazon Prime), College Library

Television and Movies:

Content: Drama, Comedy, Documentary
Format: Streaming, Digital download, DVD
Platform: MacBook Pro, iPad
Sources: Netflix, Hulu

Magazines / Newspapers:

Content: News, Technology
Format/ Platform: iPad Apps, Web, Paper
Sources: NYTimes, Economist, Wired, Newsweek, Popular Science

Blogs, Articles, Videos:

Content: Education and Technology
Format: Digital
Platform: MacBook Pro, iPad
Sources: IHE,,, TED, Google News


Content: Education the Technology
Format / Platform: mp3, iTunes, iPod
Sources: NPR, EDUCAUSE, NYTimes, Cringely

Would be interesting to track how much time I devote to each of these media and how that time is divvied up by platform.

A list of media in which I am not a big consumer would include: games, music, micro-blogging (Twitter), and social networking (Facebook).

What is your media consumption diet?


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