On Selling My EDU Soul to Apple

Dear Apple. I'm ready to trade you my EDU soul in exchange for the following products:

March 3, 2011

Dear Apple. I'm ready to trade you my EDU soul in exchange for the following products:

  • A learning management system (LMS) that is designed with the same power, simplicity and quality user experience as iMovie or GarageBand. I'm ready to move off the open Web model, and into your closed world of elegant, simple and gorgeous client applications and mobile apps.
  • Versions of said LMS that are optimized to work on the iPad and iPhone - analogous again to the new iMovie and GarageBand apps announced at your March 2nd event.
  • Learning tools that combine the features of an LMS, media management system, presentation capture, and synchronous meeting software that are designed to work with simply and seamlessly with Apple hardware. Think education versions of iTunes, iPods, MacPros, iPads and the best Apps.

In exchange for these products and services, I give you my EDU soul. This transaction includes:

  • An abdication of my desire to participate in shaping your product roadmaps and strategic direction as a customer, or even my ability to understand and plan for what this EDU product map might be.
  • A promise to be locked into your hardware, and to purchase new versions at high prices soon after you release them.
  • To be locked into your "vertical pipeline", purchasing everything from my educational content to my educational applications to my educational hardware from you.
  • To "mature" out of my dream to move to open source software.
  • To allow you to control which applications and services I receive, forgoing the diversity and freedom of the open Web (and web apps), for the benefits of operating within your Apple ecosystem.

Selling one's soul is usually not seen as a good idea, but your iPad 2, MacBooks, and apps have so enthralled me with their power and beauty that I think this may be a good bargain.


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