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Podcasts for Learning Technology
September 29, 2009 - 8:08pm

Podcasts are essential for keeping up with news and trends at the intersection of learning and technology. Time is our scarcest commodity, and podcasts allow for the consumption of news and information while doing other things. Driving home from work today I plugged my iPod into the minivans stereo and happily cruised the streets of Hanover while catching up on the weeks technology news from NPR.

The drive home got me wondering about what other podcasts at the convergence of learning and technology that I may be missing. Over time my podcast subscriptions have narrowed, as time with podcasts is time away from my precious audiobooks, but maybe I'm missing some really good stuff.

What are the podcasts around learning and technology that you find essential?

My podcast list includes:

NPR: Education Podcast

NPR: Technology Podcast

I guess it would be too much to ask NPR to produce and educational technology podcast.

Tech Therapy - Chronicle of Higher Education

NYTimes Tech Talk

Cringely on Technology

Some podcasts that I previously had subscribed but have culled from my iTunes list include various CNET podcasts and a bunch of TWIT podcasts featuring Leo Laporte. These podcasts were all entertaining, but I felt they were a little too much like sports radio and a little too far away from learning technology.

Nothing originating from institutions of higher education. Nothing with "learning technology" in the title. I'm looking forward to hearing about what I'm missing.


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