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Slideshare predictions and wishes
October 14, 2009 - 9:33pm

Every presentation that you make should be posted up to Every slide deck that your students create should be posted to Slideshare. Every conference presentation should have a Slideshare.

Check out Malcolm Brown's presentation on the Classroom of the Future and tell me that I'm wrong.

Slideshare Predictions:

Prediction 1: Google will buy Slideshare. Google Presentations has never really gained any traction. The reason is that Slideshare focussed on the community where Google invested in integrated the tool into the Google Docs suite. Buying Slideshare will instantly create a built in content library and community of presentations for Google, while allowing the core technology to advance. The service will be renamed Google Slideshare.

Prediction 2: An Adobe AIR Slideshare application (with voice-over recording) will be introduced.

Prediction 3: A SlideShare mobile App for the iPhone and Android will be introduced. (Does this exist already - I could not find it?)

Slideshare Wishes:

Wish 1: Slideshare will finally offer Web based voice-over presentation recording. The voice over capabilities of Slideshare, what they call SlideCast, remain unnecessarily difficult to manage. Basically it is necessary to create a separate mp3 track, upload that file, and then link it to the SlideShare. I can't understand why Slideshare does not incorporate a simple flash based Web audio recorder to make rapid voice-over presentation recordings.

Wish 2: EDUCAUSE (and every other professional organization that hosts conferences and puts presentations on the Web) will go through and Slideshare their entire back catalogue.

Wish 3: A Blackboard building block (and Moodle Extension) will be created to facilitate single-sign on to SlideShare and the CMS. Any Slideshare uploads or activity related to the course work will appear in a CMS news feed. this sort of work being done?

Professors - are you uploading your lectures? Are you requiring your students to upload their presentations (and then embed them in a course blog or wiki?) Conference presenters - do you make a regular practice of uploading to Slideshare? Are guest speaker slides uploaded and Slideshare and linked to your institutions web pages?

What are your predictions and wishes for Slideshare?


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