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Take Your Learning Technologist to School Day
May 21, 2010 - 6:44am

I recently had the privilege of my work as a learning technologist being profiled in the Upper Valley at Work series. The goal of of profile series is:

"..intended to give young people a sense of the options they may have to find meaningful employment in this region. The profile series will communicate that there are a variety of paths to follow towards success, and that there is great value in starting the journey by taking time to identify and utilize one's unique combination of strengths and interests."

Some of the other professions who have been previously profiled include a: farmer/bakery owner, a ceramic studio owner, a ski resort owner, an inventor, a forester, a photojournalist, a polar researcher, and a flight instructor.

The profile, with a nice picture, was published in our local paper. I was happy with how the interview came out, mostly because I can now point to a url to to explain to my family what I do all day long. You can look at the profile here. Below I've re-printed the questions and answers.

Current Hometown: Etna, NH

Other jobs held: college professor, camp counselor

Hobbies/Interests: hanging out with my family, listening to audiobooks , running (slowly)

Strengths: curiosity, often being wrong, surrounding myself with smart and creative people, my wife

How do you use your strengths in your job?

The college I work at puts learning and students first. In my job, I get to work with professors and librarians to help develop student-centered courses that stress active learning. Technology is one of the tools we use to focus on various learning styles, allow students to play to their strengths, and to encourage learners to be creators.

What was your biggest learning challenge in school?

When I was in fifth grade my Dad got me a computer, and suddenly the world of learning opened up. Prior to that school was a huge struggle for me, mostly because I could not write by hand. The computer allowed me to share my ideas in a way that my teachers could comprehend.

What motivates you to go to work?

It is exciting to be a part of a movement to create opportunities in higher education for all types of learners. When my children enter college, I want them to find educational opportunities that match the way they learn best and that engage their own strengths and passions. My colleagues, whom I think are the world's most creative and intelligent people, also motivate me. I get to work with the world's most creative, motivated and intelligent people.

Every job has specific skills. What do you need in yours?

I need to be able to partner with faculty, librarians and other learning professionals to utilize technology to catalyze learning.

How would you answer these questions?


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