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The Education of Oronte Churm

Oronte Churm is the pen name of John Griswold, who teaches in the MFA program at McNeese State University, proudly nestled in Cajun country on the Louisiana Gulf.

August 27, 2009 - 1:13am
I’m tired but happy after my summer’s writing labor, feeling accomplished in the short interim before edits begin. It’s good to be back at tasks on campus with more defined schedules and to get outside to see the bursting-forth of strange seed pods and orchid-like flowers that signal cool weather to come. I even got notification a couple of days ago that I’ve won an award for my writing, which puts me in the company of James Jones, Dick Gregory, and Senator Paul Simon. How great is that?
August 20, 2009 - 11:20am
I'm pleased to bring you today the second installment of reviews by Katya Cummins, who will be reviewing books from university presses here monthly. If you're a publisher or author and would like Katya to consider reviewing your book for a general audience, please contact me at Oronte.Churm@InsideHigherEd.com.***
August 19, 2009 - 12:04am
So a funny thing happened on the way to summer: I sat down to start writing a book, and when I looked up, summer was over. And my couch has a big indentation in it.Also: My brain hurts. Ouch.But I met my deadline, and that, as our friend Forrest says, is all I have to say about that.
August 6, 2009 - 11:15pm
This is the third and final part of Tom's interview by Okla Elliott. My thanks to them both. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. --Churm.***
August 3, 2009 - 11:17pm
[Here is the second of the three parts of Tom's interview, conducted by Okla Elliott. Read Part 1 here. --Churm]***
July 30, 2009 - 10:15pm
Today I'm fortunate enough to post the first of three parts of an extended interview with writer and teacher Thomas E. Kennedy, by writer and teacher Okla Elliott. (See here for a review I wrote back in May of one of Kennedy's novels.)
July 26, 2009 - 1:39pm
Today it makes me happy to help two of my favorite people cross paths, in a sense.Katya Cummins is a former student of mine, and a terrific young writer, whom I’ve asked to review books periodically from university presses here at the blog. If you’re an author or marketer with a university press and would like Katya to consider reviewing your book for a general audience, please contact me at Oronte.Churm@InsideHigherEd.com.
July 22, 2009 - 10:46pm
Thanks to all who entered my big funky "Southern Illinois Rocks" raffle. Congratulations to winners Satch, Hoa, Stacey, Sue, Eva, Denise, Erin, Karissa, Jennifer, and Eric! Enjoy your prizes, which are, as they say, in the mail. (Sue, yours will be on the slow boat to Australia, I'm afraid.) This was fun, let's do it again sometime, on another regional theme or some other topic. If anybody's got ideas, I'm open.
July 17, 2009 - 12:55am
“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake,” says Stephen Dedalus in Ulysses. Ditto, but the more I read and write on it, the deeper I dream.
July 9, 2009 - 10:56pm
Is there anything more frustrating than wishing you could play too? My little Wolfie, who's three, spends a lot of time watching big brother Starbuck, seven, and wishing he could get in the game.


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