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Canadian Conscientious Objectors
January 3, 2008 - 4:23pm



More NCAA commentary, as UD prepares for her trip to the organization's annual convention, this from a Canadian writer who urges Quebeckers who qualify for athletic scholarships to avoid the United States:

With football exploding in popularity in Quebec, there are going to be more and more young players here offered scholarships south of the border. Here's a word of advice to their parents: Just say no. It's not worth it, allowing your son to become cannon fodder for a coach who will jump in a heartbeat for the next multimillion dollar offer.

Scathing Online Schoolmarm doesn't like the way that fodder figure mixes with a jumpy heartbeat, but you get the idea... This is the last paragraph in a long denunciation of cynical, disloyal, mercenary coaches and an NCAA that does squat about them. The writer calls today's coaches garbage-picking dogs who "go wherever the garbage is best." He notes how scummy many coaches are -- booze, broads, gambling, lawsuits, greed, cheating... UD's already written about the scummy Rat Pack feel of so many coaches and players --- and how this culture casts quite the classy aura over the institutions of higher learning in which it's located... The writer concludes that the organization overseeing this squalor -- the NCAA -- is "sleazy."


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