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April 21, 2021
Learning before the 21st century was mostly about accessing and retaining theories, facts and figures; now it is mostly about applying theories, facts and figures in creative and critical ways to solve problems and advance society.
April 21, 2021
Rules as common ground.
April 20, 2021
On learning innovation and doing a Ph.D.
April 20, 2021
Moving beyond symbolism and virtue signaling.
April 20, 2021
Spending well, and less well.
April 19, 2021
The marvelous story of the decline of childhood mortality.
April 19, 2021
Wonks are experts and deserve being listened to, but not always.
April 18, 2021
On student cheating, university relations and difficult conversations.
April 16, 2021
It’s time to reimagine college athletics.




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