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What I did today instead of writing my blog
January 4, 2012 - 10:29pm

Today was my first day back at work after a 10-day holiday which was a whirlwind of trips up and down the east coast. We arrived home late, exhausted.  

In early January the campus is eerily quiet. The coffee shop is closed and so are most of the cafeterias. Still, there was plenty of work waiting. 

Here’s what I did today instead of writing my blog:

* Helped my daughter with her math homework at breakfast, talking her down from frustrated tears

* Reminded husband that daughter needed to work on MLK essay this afternoon

* Worked in the office from 8 to 5 on administrative tasks, got several tasks accomplished, and composed an even longer list of tasks for tomorrow

* Arrived home to three wild, screaming seven year old girls

* Told husband to send daghter's friends home

* Made supposedly kid-friendly healthy dinner that reduced our daughter to sobbing tears but which my husband and I enjoyed

* Searched online for a new kitten to replace loss of beloved family pet

*Wondered how Persian kitten breeders survive in today’s economy

*Discovered that daughter and friends had used my Clinique makeup

*Listened to daughter explain how her devious friend used my makeup while she protested heroically

* Made an appointment for a hair cut after noticing my reflection

* Sat with my daughter while she wrote an essay for MLK day, answering spelling questions and fighting the urge to improve it

*Wondered how many parents were writing their child’s essay

* Packed gym bag for 5:45 am weight-lifting class tomorrow

* Yelled at my husband for turning off the overhead light when I still needed it

* Tried to convince daughter that we weren't fighting

* Packed clothes to wear after gym

* Told daughter to put her book down and go to sleep

* Told husband not to fall asleep before proofreading my blog

* Watched daughter and husband fall asleep

* Decided to join them


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