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November 27, 2011
If I were with you now, I'd ask you what you are reading. Why did you choose your current book? Paper, e-book, or audio? Library, bookstore or online? How have your book reading habits changed? What do you plan to read next?  
November 27, 2011
Is the good that comes from big-time college athletics worth all the bad?
November 27, 2011
Obama's been traveling the country making "non-political" speeches about how this Congress can't accomplish anything, so he has to do whatever he can by executive action alone.  Unfortunately, Congress seems about to push back against the President's characterization by doing something, and the something they're likely to do is pretty awful.
November 27, 2011
The news from the congressional supercommittee was not surprising. No budget deal – meaning we now will have an automatic triggering of across-the-board budget reductions. What a bad decision by our Congressional leaders, what a bad impact for our economy, and what a failure to read the will of the public.
November 27, 2011
My husband and I were married on November 22, 1975, which was Thanksgiving day that year. It wasn't planned as a "theme wedding"; my mother had her heart set on a particular venue for the reception and that was their only open date for nearly a year.
November 26, 2011
Tertiary Education: A Global Report (by the World Bank's Education Advisory Service)
November 23, 2011
After picking my daughter Katie up at the airport in Chicago and preparing to drive to Michigan for the holidays, I must admit that I first checked the web to see what the Occupy protestors are doing for the Thanksgiving holidays.  Since so many protestors are college students, I wondered if they were headed home and dropping the protests for the weekend?  It doesn't look like it!  On the Occupy Chicago site I found that they are planning a People’s Parade tomorrow — “as an alternative to the corporate-sponsored event taking place on State Street.”
November 23, 2011
In the last ten months, I started a long process of getting used to the idea that my Ph.D. work is over. I am (finally) done and I can do nothing more – except to start another Ph.D. on a different topic, maybe. There is no sadness, no regrets, not even the feeling of fighting an addiction; but there is one question repeated over and over again: “Now, that your Ph.D. is done, what will you do next?”
November 23, 2011
Our family recently attended a symphony concert. It was a matinee performance geared for families, and the sold-out concert hall was packed with moms, dads, grandparents, and squirrelly, dressed-up youngsters all eager to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons on a big screen with live orchestral accompaniment. A large, blank screen hung above the stage where the musicians warmed up and ran through tricky bits.



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