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October 20, 2011
Looking forward to hearing your take-aways and observations from EDUCAUSE. A few un-filtered reactions from day 1: Godin's Keynote: I'm of two minds on Seth Godin's keynote, "Invisible or Remarkable?"  The keynote was hugely enjoyable. 
October 19, 2011
I recently participated in an event on Greenback's campus where food was served to students. Food wasn't the main focus of the event, but "if you feed them, they will come," as most of us on campus learned a long time ago. The refreshments were products of industrial agriculture, and the event was supposed to be sustainability-themed, so I placed some info near the food table relating to the inherent unsustainability (calories in far greater than useful calories out) of our national food system.
October 19, 2011
I had a chance to participate in a recent meeting of the Association of Research Libraries, the famous ARL.
October 19, 2011
A regular reader writes:I teach at an open admission, 4 year college. Unlike community colleges, we actually pull our students from [several states].I was having a conversation with another faculty member about our students, many of whom aren't particularly interested or engaged in school. She suggested that we should try to improve our student base, and that we could do that while keeping our open admission policy.
October 19, 2011
Last August, while selling cookies and lemonade at a stand she set up with a friend, my 12-year-old daughter met a visiting Chinese scholar who overlapped with us at the marine biology station we call our summer home. The scholar was a little bit lonely. She had received a grant to do research in the US for five months, and had left her husband and teenage son in China while she traveled. Starved for conversation, she was also eager to learn English better.
October 18, 2011
This is an important EDUCAUSE for Blackboard. Many of us will be taking a hard look at the company, the roadmap, and the competition. Casey Green reports that "…almost three-fourths (73.4 percent) of the campuses participating in the 2010 Campus Computing Survey report their institutions are “reviewing options for the campus standard LMS” in response to budget pressures, up from 68.5 percent in fall 2009."
October 18, 2011
I like being here when it’s unnervingly deserted. It’s a great time to make sure I’m up to speed on everything, and plan for the week ahead. I especially needed this time to regroup and catch up because of the way the previous week ended.Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with an obnoxious flurry of emails for which I would like to right now offer a public apology to all my colleagues. They are generous, patient, and I enjoy working with them. I don’t want them to dread seeing me in their inbox.
October 18, 2011
The fall in enrolment levels in Poland expected for 2025 is the highest in Europe, and comparable in the OECD area only to Korea and Japan (OECD volume on Higher Education to 2030). In one scenario that Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin presents, enrolments in 2025 are expected to fall to 55% of the 2005 levels or dwindle by almost one million students. In Europe only Spain and Germany can expect decreases of significant magnitude by 2025 (Spain by 342.000 and Germany by 209.000).
October 18, 2011
This was supposed to be a post about service. I was struck that last week’s post didn’t receive many comments — and my post about soccer parents and cross-country parents did — and I was going to write about that.But when I was supposed to be writing the post I was actually in a meeting. And then in the meeting, I was interrupted by a text from my son — but maybe let’s start at the beginning.
October 17, 2011
This piece in the Washington Post -- sent along by a few alert readers -- inadvertently draws attention to one of the consistent dilemmas of established colleges trying to make change.



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