Books and Publishing

Books and Publishing
Mar 18, 2021
As COVID-19 forced professors to embrace digital texts, they were likelier to know about -- but not to use -- free, openly licensed materials. Progress was greatest at colleges that promoted OER, especially minority-serving ones.
Scott McLemee offers a preview of next spring’s university press offerings.
Astronomer withdraws paper and puts book sales on hold amid controversy. Some say he’s a casualty in the culture wars; others say he burned himself.
Scott McLemee reviews The Last Witches of England: A Tragedy of Sorcery and Superstition by John Callow.
Author discusses his advice for colleges in navigating the evolving landscape of digital learning and his change of heart on MOOCs.
Scott McLemee reviews Barbara Blatchley’s What Are the Chances? which explores how beliefs about winning streaks can be manifestations of a shaky grasp of the principles of probability.
Scott McLemee discusses a timely new book with its editor, John Aubrey Douglass.
Scott McLemee reviews A Philosophy of Simple Living by Jérôme Brillaud.
Author discusses book on higher education history and settler colonialism.
Scott McLemee reviews Mikita Brottman’s Couple Found Slain: After a Family Murder.
Scott McLemee surveys a roundup of books for fall that are pertinent to the COVID pandemic.
Scott McLemee explores Spite: The Upside of Your Dark Side by Simon McCarthy-Jones.
As professional educators, doing so provides opportunities not only to increase our knowledge but also to improve our judgment, writes Robert DiYanni.



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