Archaeology & Spectacle

The modern era witnessed an unprecedented display of archeological artifacts, the establishment and success of museums as repositories of history, and an increase in cultural tourism. This panel invites essays that explore the variety of avenues to public display/spectacle for archeological and cultural artifacts in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For example, in Holger Hoock’s Empires of the Imagination, insight into a century of British orga¬nization of the ...

Special Issue on Service-Learning in the Humanities

The Fall 2012 issue of the journal Interdisciplinary Humanities will be a special issue on service-learning in the humanities. The editors welcome submissions of articles, essays, and reflective pieces on service-learning from various points of view: students, faculty, agency mentors, and higher-education and non-profit community administration and staff. Documents may focus on studies, theory, practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and school-community partnerships as they apply to ...

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