Inside Higher Ed partners with Interfolio to provide dossier and credentials management services for higher education job seekers

For 13 years, Interfolio has been a trusted provider of higher education credential management services for over 300,000 students and scholars and hundreds of institutions. Interfolio has delivered over five million secure application documents and currently manages over one million confidential letters of recommendation. Now Inside Higher Ed offers job seekers the Interfolio credential service at no charge.*

Your Interfolio Dossier is an ongoing collection of important information about you that you can use throughout your academic career. You control how that information is shared through the use of Portfolio and Interfolio's document delivery service.

Manage and Deliver Your Documents

• Link your Interfolio and Inside Higher Ed accounts to streamline applications to positions advertised on our careers pages • Collect and deliver a wide variety of professional documents • Request and store confidential letters of recommendation for future use • Deliver materials to any destination, online or through the mail (charges may apply) • Customize the documents in each delivery you make • Track delivery progress

Increase Visibility

• Include your profile in Inside Higher Ed's searchable database and let a wide range of higher education employers find you • Annotate and enhance your CV—no page limitations!

• Showcase the work that is meaningful to you • Link to documents, videos, images, and other multimedia and digital projects • Share your portfolio with colleagues and potential employers

Click here to visit the Interfolio website and learn more or click to to create your account now.

*There is no charge to create or edit your public portfolio or to manage documents (including confidentials letters of recommendation) in your Interfolio account. Standard delivery charges will apply if you choose to deliver application documents via Interfolio.

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