"I’m very glad that being a member of the consortium has saved our members thousands of dollars. We certainly appreciate Inside Higher Ed working so closely with them to make the decision." Betsy Hutula, Assistant to the President and Administrator for Projects & Personnel, Associated Colleges of the Midwest


"Your website is a valuable recruiting resource." Dan Hennelly, Academic Services Analyst for the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Old Dominion University


"With so many job postings in so many places, I appreciate you reaching out with suggestions and ways to maximize our recruitment and our dollars. I really like having the annual recruitment package with easy uploading of jobs to post. Inside Higher Ed is my favorite online site for posting. Thank you for making it easy." Leslie W. Bicksler, MSWDirector of Human Resources, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine


"We really feel connected with Inside Higher Ed. We find the site effective for recruiting a wide range of positions. Inside Higher Ed does a good job of reaching out to a diverse readership and their audience numbers are solid. One feature we really like is our Featured Employer profile - it's like our job portal on the site and gives candidates options for how to look at our jobs." Ruth Molina-Walker, Recruitment Specialist - Human Resources, Bridgewater State College


"Inside Higher Ed is a solid value for my recruiting dollar. By working with Inside Higher Ed I've been able to greatly reduce expensive print advertising - and even the more expensive Web sites - with no negative impact on the quality or quantity of incoming applications. I'd certainly recommend Inside Higher Ed to colleagues looking for good results at a lower cost." Robert Kunczt, Director of Human Resources, University of the Incarnate Word


"Our departments were complaining about the high cost of print advertising. Our provost's office purchased Inside Higher Ed's reasonably priced unlimited posting package as a way to do national advertising at no cost to individual departments. Now the Equal Opportunity Office is paying for the package. We're now getting many applicants via Inside Higher Ed and our advertising expenses have really dropped. The unlimited posting package is a great value and I'd definitely recommend it as a way to reduce advertising expenses without lowering the quality or quantity of applications coming in."Ann Penn, Equal Opportunity/ADA Officer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


"The Human Resources department has put together an advertising package for all openings - it includes a posting on our Web site, local newspaper advertising, posts on diversity listservs, and e-mailings. We added Inside Higher Ed in order to reach a national audience at a reasonable price. Inside Higher Ed has proved a great addition to our recruiting strategy. All in all, Inside Higher Ed has proved a good value for our recruiting needs and I'd recommend the site to my colleagues." Jamie Cockerham, Employment & Compensation Coordinator, Human Resources, Gonzaga University


"There's no question that recruiting with Inside Higher Ed has saved Sinclair Community College real money on our recruiting costs. I'd recommend Inside Higher Ed to my colleagues at community colleges, and any higher ed institution looking for great recruiting results at a lower cost." Jennifer Kostic, M.A., PHR, Academic Staffing Coordinator, Sinclair Community College


“Since we began recruiting with Inside Higher Ed, Roosevelt University has seen a remarkable increase in the diversity of our candidate pools. That change has enabled us to hire wonderfully qualified senior leaders and changing Roosevelt’s senior leadership team to 60% women.” Gretchen Van Natta, SPHR, Vice President of Human Resources, Roosevelt University


"Inside Higher Ed is a great company to deal with and does a great job with our recruitment advertising." Gail Lukens, Provost's Office, Towson University


"Recruiting through Inside Higher Ed has noticeably increased the quality, diversity, and number of candidates in our pool." Maryan St. Claire, Office of the Provost, California State University, Long Beach


"Our Inside Higher Ed candidates were people who wanted to stay current and be involved in the field as a whole, not just sit at their desks." David Charlow, Executive Director of Financial Aid, Columbia University


"Inside Higher Ed has been a great recruiting source for our university. We find their staff to be very friendly and helpful." Joye Williams, Manager of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Texas Woman's University


"We find that more and more of our best candidates, particularly for faculty positions, are looking at us through Inside Higher Ed and we couldn't be happier with the support and service provided." Cathy Greene, Personnel/Human Resource Assistant, Keene State College



“I like that Inside Higher Ed keeps me in the loop in regards to what is going on in the world of Academia in an easy and accessible way. It's one of my favorite ways to start my day.” Elizabeth Ziff, New School for Social Research and Rutgers University-Newark


“Inside Higher Ed is good reporting by excellent journalists. It’s my main source of higher ed news." Markus Kemmelmeier, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Psychology Associate Editor, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Social Psychology, University of Nevada


"Inside Higher Ed is the first website I open, to enjoy with my morning coffee. I am constantly surprised how relevant the information is, and how, almost daily, I am referencing something I learned from your website." Kimberly D. Echols, Florida State University


“Professionalism blended with journalistic integrity. I trust Inside Higher Ed." Ken Anselment, Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, Lawrence University


“Inside Higher Ed starts my morning with the email update of what's going on in the world of higher ed. It's better than coffee to get me out of bed and on the move.” Laura Dull, PhD, Associate Professor of History, History Discipline Coordinator, Humanities Learning Center Coordinator, President, Delta College AAUP Chapter, Delta College


"Inside Higher Ed's ability to report on recent studies/meetings/speeches, add historical and contextual connections, obtain quotes from concerned parties, and pull it all together so engagingly is remarkable. Thanks for providing such an important news source for those of us in higher education."Anne-Marie McCartan, Ed.D., Executive Director, Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences


“I've introduced Inside Higher Ed to my administrators and colleagues --all are astounded by the range of information made accessible to all segments and disciplines in higher ed. Your coverage allows us to view our local challenges in multiple contexts - within and across disciplines and institutions and states and so enriches our perspectives. As chair of the Two-Year College English Association (TYCA) Research Committee investigating community college writing programs, I have forwarded articles to my national committee and quoted them in my national talks (CCCC/NCTE). Inside Higher Ed is providing ways for community college faculty to participate in discussions with 4-year scholars and has always made it clear that what's happening at community colleges is significant in any assessment of U.S. higher ed. We are much indebted.” Jody Millward, Santa Barbara Community College


“Inside Higher Ed is a must-read for me every day. The quick, concise headline list takes me right to the stories I need—and frequently share with colleagues. Thanks for such in-depth and provocative writing and reporting.” Susan Havlish, Sales & Marketing Manager, Vanderbilt University Press


“Inside Higher Ed has become a valued and well-used source of information for me. I particularly like its focused, concise reporting and its highlighting of best practices. I’m on the road a lot and it helps me make productive use of layover time in airports. Keep up the good work.” Doug Whitlock, President, Eastern Kentucky University


"I simply love Inside Higher Ed. It's swiftly become my chief source of information on everything related to higher education. Whatever else I can or cannot read on any given day (as a college president, I travel many days a week), I always read Inside Higher Ed. So, please keep up the great work.” Robert Oden, President, Carleton College


"I find at least one useful item in every edition and, while I used to have to e-mail articles to many of my colleagues, more and more of them are also subscribing. I start each day with a review of your newsletter. I find it energizing. Dorothy J. Umans, Program Director, Extended Learning Services, Montgomery College


“It is the only source (that I use) of reliable information on the happenings in the realm of college affairs. Without INSIDEHIGHERED, I would be isolated, operating in a vacuum. As it stands, I look into INSIDE every day at work (first thing!) and copy off the items relevant to what is happening at Wind River Tribal College. Everyone on the faculty and in the administration gets their copy of their (relevant) articles.” Ms. Helen Z. Knudsen, Librarian, Wind River Tribal College

“I think Inside Higher Ed has pioneered solid informed coverage of higher education issues. I start my day with it each morning, often forwarding articles to my colleagues. I would no more miss it than my cup of coffee.” Russell Olwell, Eastern Michigan University


“Inside Higher Ed is one of the most informative news writings that I have ever read. My staff now reads it and so do my colleagues at other educational programs and Universities. I look forward to reading it every day and if I miss it, I try to read it as soon as possible. The news I receive is usually before it gets to the mainstream newspapers and gets my day off to a great start!” Donald R. Doffoney, Lafayette, Louisiana


"As a source of news on Higher Education specific issues, in my opinion, you remain first, and more perceptive on issues that I think are real and significant. Two examples. The early days of the student loan kickback story, soon picked up by major media, and not taken seriously inside the profession at first. Your consistent early breaking news on research related issues, most recently the CDC compliance instances at Texas A&M and UT. We (HEd) may not like the new regs, but we must follow them.” Thomas J. Linney, international education consultant


"I have been an avid reader of Inside Higher Ed for the last two years. As a passionate advocate of higher education, I frequently search for news and magazine articles that address issues in higher education. Inside Higher Ed always delivers great information. I have even used articles from IHE as sources for research papers that I have written. Thank you for providing valuable sources of information on a daily basis." Adriana M. Silva, Admissions Counselor, St. Joseph's College



“After evaluating several advertising options, we turned to Inside Higher Ed to issue an open RFP seeking an academic partner to create the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination. We were astounded and delighted by the response we received from top U.S. colleges and universities across the nation; the five finalists were University of Alabama Huntsville, University of California San Diego, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oklahoma State University, and Purdue University. This demonstrated not only the excellent quality of Inside Higher Ed’s response, but also its comprehensive national reach. Based on the results of our experience with Inside Higher Ed, we will turn to the publication for all future advertising needs.”  Scott Chase, Secretary, Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, Washington, D.C.


"Inside Higher Ed provides us with a well-tested method of advertising our events to professionals around the U.S. and Canada. We find it the best value for our marketing funds." Watson Scott Swail, Ed.D., President & CEO, Educational Policy Institute


"We are delighted to have expanded our advertising efforts to include Inside Higher Ed. We believe that our exposure to a wide, electronic audience was an effective way to share our message with academics and professionals across America.” Andy Riess, Senior Program Officer - Recruitment, Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)


"Inside Higher Ed has been an extremely effective way to advertise for AACRAO. Our conferences and Webinars always prove to be highly attended when advertised through the site." Janet Szamosszegi, Director, Strategic Marketing, AACRAO


"Advertising with Inside Higher Ed has given our marketing campaign the reach and frequency we needed to market to the higher education audience. It has certainly given us insights about the delivery channel this audience prefers and the messages that get their attention. We've received an effective return on value and objectives." Yolanda Hernandez, Manager, Internet Marketing, Educational Testing Service


Job Seekers

"I started my job search in January of 2009. Having spent time teaching (at the University of Cape Town) and working for a nonprofit that engaged in education projects, I knew I wanted a job in higher education administration. I started out checking Inside Higher Ed and some other higher education job sites, but soon came to rely on Inside Higher Ed only. I found listings on Inside Higher Ed for the kind of mid-range administrative position I was seeking that weren't listed anywhere else. And the site was evolving at the time with new features and improvements that made me feel like it was being tailored to my needs. I applied for several jobs I found on Inside Higher Ed, and in June - sooner than I'd expected - landed my current position." Misha J. Charles, Senior Executive Assistant to the President and Legislative Liaison, Keene State College


"I am writing today to express my gratitude with your job posting service. I have used it over the past few months, and it is the source for my new position. Thanks to you, and all involved at insidehighered.com, for providing an excellent alternative news source, combined with a robust job posting service. I am grateful for both." Keith Butler, Ph.D.




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