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Story Level Page

Standard Run-of-Site Advertising – Launch your campaign to a captive audience of 1.5 million unique monthly visitors on our home page and story-level pages, generating more than 4.2 million page views. Two banner ad sizes are required: 160x600 pixels and 300x250 pixels.


Story Level Page

Premium Run-of-Site Advertising – Along with the two standard banner ad positions listed above (300x250 and 160x600) include the highly visible leaderboard message to your campaign mix. Our 728x90 leaderboard ad runs across the top of every article page and your three ads rotate randomly throughout the site for maximum penetration with our highly engaged readers.


Roadblock Run-of-Site Advertising – A premium run-of-site campaign that includes all three elements -- 300x250, 160x600 and 728x90 ad sizes -- appearing on the same page at the same time, taking over the site and allowing your campaign 100% share of voice whenever your ads appear.


Print-This-Page Sponsorship – Great opportunity for 100% share of voice on a high-performing location - the preview page for any page of the website as it gets printed by a reader. Leaderboard ad size (728x90 pixels) generates about 20,000 impressions per month. 

Geo-Targeting – For a small additional charge you can tell us which geographic areas you'd like to target for your run of site campaign. Must be purchased with a larger run-of-site campaign. Contact your account manager (see Contact tab) for more details.

Premium Targeted Topic Index Page Positions – For a small charge, include a targeted topic page position that's relevant to your message and receive a high-impact 300x600 (or 300x250 depending on the topic) banner ad that's featured exclusively on each page view, providing 100% share-of-voice when it appears on the page. Positions are limited to five sponsors per month offering 20% share-of-voice over the course of a month. Targeted topic pages include: Admissions, Books, Technology, Community Colleges, Diversity, Teaching and Learning, International, and Assessment & Accountability. Must be purchased as part of a larger run-of-site campaign. Contact your account manager (see Contact tab) for availability.

Premium Blog Sponsorships – Include a blog sponsorship position that’s relevant to your message and receive a 300x250 (or 300x600) banner ad that’s featured exclusively on each page view.  To find out our exact digital advertising mechanical specifications, please click here


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