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Private colleges wonder if they are in Biden relief plan - Jan 18

Private universities are dismayed that a fact sheet of President-elect Joe Biden's coronavirus relief package only mentions helping public universities.

Search to find how much funding your college or university will receive in the new round of COVID-19 funding - Jan 18

This searchable database shows how much public, private nonprofit and for-profit institutions are set to receive, as well as how much of that money must go to financial aid grants for students.

Professor who helped make face shields for front line tragically dies of COVID-19 - Jan 15

A professor of advanced manufacturing volunteered seven days a week to produce face shields for health-care workers. He died Tuesday of complications with COVID-19.

Education Department releases billions in aid to colleges - Jan 15

The Education Department releases a new round of COVID-19 funds to colleges and universities, and Biden proposes $35 billion in additional money.

College openings led to increase in community cases, research says - Jan 13

New peer-reviewed analysis suggests that colleges opening in the fall may have led to increased COVID-19 cases in their home counties.

Colleges spent millions on COVID-19 expenses this fall, even as sources of income shrank, data show - Jan 12

Three-quarters of institutions in one association survey spent more than they expected to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. The spring will also be expensive, experts say.

The admissions cycle favors institutions with prestige and money - Jan 11

Institutions with money and prestige are doing very well this year; those known for serving low-income students, not so much.

Stanford Reverses Choice to Bring Freshmen, Sophomores to Campus - Jan 11

Stanford University this weekend scrapped plans to bring freshmen and sophomores back to campus for its winter quarter, citing the worsening COVID-19 situation in California. For undergraduates, only those with special circumstances will be approved to live on campus. Most instruction will take place online. 

Kansas State, Washburn to Begin Semester Online - Jan 11

Kansas State University and Washburn University -- located in Manhattan, Kan. and Topeka, Kan., respectively -- will begin their semesters online due to concerns about COVID-19, the Associated Press reported this weekend.

Community colleges see demand for food bank services swell - Jan 7

Many advocates argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit community colleges, and their students, the hardest. Colleges are struggling to meet greater demands for basic needs.

Wealthier colleges and universities targeted in COVID relief bill - Jan 6

Little-noticed provision in new COVID-19 relief bill would slash aid for colleges and universities with large endowments in half.

Survey: Pandemic Negatively Affected Grades This Fall - Jan 5

Many college students are reporting that the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted their academic performance, according to a survey from OneClass, an education technology company that provides virtual access to study materials.

OneClass surveyed more than 14,000 freshmen, sophomore and junior students about their fall 2020 experience. Students from 232 colleges, both public and private, responded to the survey.

Yale arts and sciences faculty want to see bold hiring moves during the pandemic - Jan 5

Yale's arts and sciences faculty wants the institution to seize the day on faculty hiring, but wealthy institutions continue to practice restraint -- maybe even for the long term.

ACHA recommends twice-weekly testing as study find twin social distancing and mask policies are (cost) effective - Jan 4

Health association recommends twice-weekly testing for campuses that are reopening. Twin social distancing and mask policies are (cost) effective, new study says.

Colleges adjust calendars, again - Jan 4

Some colleges opt for a month of online courses before shifting to face-to-face learning. Other colleges move back the start of the spring semester.

Congressional agreement on COVID-19 would give higher ed $23 billion - Dec 22

Deal would also simplify FAFSA and let more prisoners get Pell Grants. And $1.3 billion in loans to Black colleges would be forgiven.

New report suggests wide-ranging declines in transfer - Dec 22

Student mobility fell steeply this year as colleges dealt with other enrollment challenges.

Final fall enrollment numbers show pandemic's full impact - Dec 17

Community colleges saw the largest enrollment declines this fall. Matriculation by first-time freshmen also fell sharply.

ACHA survey suggests testing increase - Dec 17

A new survey suggests more colleges incorporated testing for COVID-19 as the fall semester went on. Colleges that did not cited a lack of human resources, among other challenges.

Contact tracers at colleges use empathy and support to stop spread - Dec 16

Contact tracing isn't a new profession. But it is new for most colleges.

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