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Campus shutdown case goes to state supreme court - Nov 11

The University of South Florida asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit alleging breach of contract for COVID shutdowns. Its case rests on a broad interpretation of “sovereign immunity.”

Enrollment declines continue, but at a slower rate - Oct 20

The decline was less steep than it has been during the pandemic, but an eagerly anticipated recovery did not materialize.

Fordham's bivalent booster requirement sparks outrage - Oct 12

The Jesuit university is one of a small group of institutions to mandate the new COVID-19 booster. Some call the policy draconian; others wonder why there aren’t more like it.

Ending remote conference options is exclusionary (opinion) - Oct 6

In scrapping remote options for conferences, academia has set out on a dangerous trajectory, Shira Lurie and Nicole Schroeder write.

What makes a campus "safe enough" in 2022 (opinion) - Sep 16

Environments conducive to learning are not risk-free, whether we’re talking about COVID or risks of an intellectual variety, Michael S. Roth writes.

Campus COVID cases spike at semester's start - Sep 8

As students return to campus, colleges are reporting record-high numbers of COVID cases—but don’t expect a revival of heightened safety measures.

Study: College Reopenings Increased Community COVID-19 Cases - Aug 30

A new peer-reviewed study published Monday found that when colleges that went online during the coronavirus pandemic reopened in the fall of 2020, COVID-19 case counts increased in the surrounding community as students returned to campus.

COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place - Aug 29

COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place. Disability advocates worry about what it all means for diversity and inclusion, though U of Pittsburgh has negotiated a new way to accommodate high-risk faculty members.

Vaccine Mandate Moves Simon Fraser Football Games to U.S. - Aug 18

Two-plus years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the coronavirus continues to drive changes across the college sports world. Simon Fraser University, the NCAA’s only Canadian program, announced that it is moving four home football games to Washington State, citing vaccine requirements for crossing the border into Canada.

New Jersey university faces scrutiny amid financial emergency - Aug 12

Governor Phil Murphy has called for an investigation into New Jersey City University's dramatic change in financial standing, which led NJCU to declare a financial emergency.

Coach Fired for Vaccine Refusal Seeks $25 Million Payout - Aug 12

Fired for refusing to get a coronavirus vaccine, former Washington State University football coach Nick Rolovich is seeking $25 million for wrongful termination.

Rolovich was fired last year for defying Washington's vaccine mandate for state employees. Rolovich, who is Catholic, had asked for a religious exemption for vaccination but was denied leading to his termination and current legal action.

Online learning leaders think fully in-person will be a rarity - Aug 9

Chief online officers believe most students' academic paths will feature prominent online components by 2025, a new survey finds. Other campus leaders see bigger role for in-person learning.

Colleges get creative to solve student housing squeeze - Aug 3

Some colleges attribute long wait lists for campus housing to heightened demand for a residential experience following two-plus years of COVID-19 disruptions.

Eckerd College President Resigns, Citing Exhaustion - Aug 2

After two years as president of Eckerd College, Damien Fernandez announced Monday that he is stepping down, citing exhaustion as the reason he is leaving the small Florida liberal arts college early.

“I accomplished the work with a tremendous team and a lot of energy, but also exhaustion,” Fernandez told The Tampa Bay Times. “I called these last few years dog years.”

Monday was Fernandez’s last day as president.

New Paper Finds College Vaccine Mandates Saved Lives - Aug 2

A new working paper that aims to calculate the effects of COVID-19 vaccine mandates at colleges estimates that they reduced death rates in fall 2021, saving 7,319 lives.

Colleges look to staffing firms to solve remote work woes - Jul 29

To address the legal questions and potential HR issues that can arise when employees move across state lines, some universities partner with third-party firms to keep employees on the payroll from afar.

COVID is surging in California. What's a university to do? - Jul 26

The new COVID variant, BA5, is spiking in California. Some universities in the hardest-hit counties are reinstating mask mandates and re-evaluating their response strategies.

Five ways online learning benefited some students (opinion) - Jul 14

As most colleges have returned to in-person learning, we shouldn’t forget some major benefits of having a remote option, Karen Powell Sears writes.

Don't abandon virtual learning options (opinion) - Jul 14

Students want the option to continue taking some of their courses online, and colleges should listen, Samuel J. Abrams writes.

Report: State higher ed funding up 4.5% in 2021 - Jun 14

Federal stimulus dollars flowing to states kept appropriations strong in the 2021 fiscal year even as enrollment kept declining, a report from the State Higher Education Executive Officers shows.

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