Coronavirus Affects Higher Education

Coronavirus Coverage

LIVE UPDATES: Latest news on coronavirus and higher education - Mar 28

LIVE UPDATES: How higher education is reacting to the new coronavirus pandemic.

A biology professor in New Orleans describes the challenges of teaching students about the coronavirus (opinion) - Mar 27

Kim Mix, a professor of biological sciences, describes the challenges of educating students about the coronavirus when the imbalance between rapid-fire news and vetted scientific information has created a dangerous infodemic.

Stimulus includes tax break for employer-paid student loan benefits, drawing praise and criticism - Mar 27

Stimulus bill would create a tax break for employer-paid student loan benefits. Will this benefit help workers who need it most?

Roundup: Cuts, 'Zoombombing' and 42 fried eggs - Mar 27

Everything you need to know about higher ed and the coronavirus for Friday and the weekend in one easy-to-read package.

Experts respond to questions about college fundraising and HR functions during the crisis - Mar 27

Experts respond to reader-generated questions about fundraising during the crisis and how to manage human resources as colleges shift to online instruction.

Groups say more borrowers should get payments suspended - Mar 27

Consumer groups are questioning why some student loan borrowers will not get help from the stimulus package about to be passed by Congress.

European exchange students face chaos - Mar 27

Borders are erected and flights are canceled.

The rise of the remote Ph.D. defense - Mar 27

Ph.D. students defending their dissertations must do so remotely right now. Could videoconference defenses become the new normal?

Policies protect college staff members amid crisis, but contractors are left out - Mar 26

Millions of people work on college campuses. Some are directly employed while others work as contractors. In a pandemic, that makes a difference.

Disappointed college leaders and student debt advocates look to next round of stimulus - Mar 26

College leaders were disappointed by the Senate's stimulus proposal. But they are looking ahead to getting more in another round.

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