Coronavirus Cases Around Colleges and Universities

Coronavirus Cases Around Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities across the country are located in communities where COVID-19 infections are trending in different directions at different points in time. The following resources are based on county-level case data for August and several weeks of September, adjusted for the number of residents in each county. While they don’t show case counts on campus, specifically, they provide insight into the complex ways the pandemic unfolded across the country as some colleges resumed in person classes this fall and others continued remote learning.

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Coronavirus Coverage

Colleges must prepare for the inevitable arrival of Omicron - Dec 1

Experts urge colleges to begin planning for the likely arrival of the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron.

U of Vermont Faculty Union Demands More Contact Tracing - Nov 28

United Academics, the faculty union at the University of Vermont, has filed a grievance demanding more contact tracing, VT Digger reported.

Colleges impose COVID-19 protocols for Thanksgiving - Nov 24

Depending on where they go to college, students returning from the holiday break might face required testing, extended mask mandates, online classes—or no mitigation measures at all.

District Must Accommodate Unvaccinated Nursing Students - Nov 12

The Maricopa Community College District must accommodate two nursing students who sued the district in response to its vaccination requirements, The Arizona Republic reported.

More students bring pets to campus for emotional support - Nov 12

Institutions with pet-friendly policies are seeing an uptick in students bringing dogs, cats, hamsters, reptiles and more to campus. Students say the animals help them cope with anxiety and stress.

New federal COVID-19 vaccination rule affects colleges - Nov 5

Most colleges and universities will have to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s rule requiring employers with 100 or more employees to mandate COVID-19 vaccination or weekly testing.

With federal money at stake, more colleges mandate vaccines - Nov 1

Even as pending deadline prompts more universities to comply with Biden order mandating vaccination against COVID-19 for employees of federal contractors, some are still studying the order or determining next steps.

High school students and counselors are burned out - Nov 1

Frustrations have not disappeared at schools that are open but changed by the pandemic.

Tribal colleges increase mental health services - Oct 28

Tribal colleges are bolstering mental health services to alleviate the emotional toll of the pandemic on Native American students.

Former professors sue Collin College over free speech - Oct 27

Two former faculty members sue Collin College, saying they were let go for criticizing the college’s COVID-19 response and otherwise exercising their right to free expression.

Workbook focuses on supporting students with long COVID - Oct 22

Disabilities services professionals want to get the word out about how students may be affected by long COVID. A new workbook offers tips for those helping these students navigate college while coping with the virus's lingering effects.

Campus dining halls plagued by worker shortages - Oct 21

Institutions across the U.S. face a shortage of dining hall workers. Can Grubhub, Panda Express and spatula-wielding professors fill the gap?

Study shows faculty diversity took a hit in time of crisis - Oct 18

New study looks back to find that faculty diversity took a hit in terms of tenure-track hires during and after the Great Recession. Study also looks ahead to warn that the same thing could happen during and after COVID-19.

Penn State mandates employee vaccines, citing Biden order - Oct 15

Penn State may be among the first institutions to announce it will require COVID-19 vaccination for employees due to Biden administration order requiring vaccination for federal contractors.

Student health centers report high demand for services - Oct 14

Student health professionals report high need for services now that students are back on campus and seeking physical and mental health care, even as COVID-19-related demands remain strong.

Columbia College bans kids from classrooms, limits visits - Oct 12

Columbia College Chicago says children can’t be in the classroom and otherwise need advance permission to be on campus -- for no more than an hour. Faculty, staff and student leaders are united in their opposition to the policy.

Can an institutional review board be too zealous? (opinion) - Oct 6

An overly restrictive institutional review board can take down an entire academic program and weaken the research reputation of a university, writes Dale R. Wagner.

Tenure under threat in Georgia - Oct 4

Professors within the University System of Georgia say the Board of Regents' policy proposals seek to centralize power and end, not update, tenure.

Removed from the classroom over mask rule in Iowa - Oct 4

The University of Northern Iowa removed a professor from in-person teaching because he required masks in his close-quarters lab. He says he's not budging, and he's asking for other professors to join him.

Recent heart transplant patient denied remote teaching ask - Sep 29

Kutztown University didn’t grant any remote teaching requests this term, not even to an immunosuppressed professor with a new heart. The case raises more questions about “blanket” accommodation bans. 

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