Reversals in Colleges' Fall 2020 Reopening Plans

Reversals in Colleges' Fall 2020 Reopening Plans

Scores of colleges and universities have in recent weeks changed plans they originally made last spring for reopening their physical campuses this fall. This tracker and searchable database shows how those changes have unfolded over time. Institutions that have revised their plans more than once are listed as having a "reversal count" of 2 or more.

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College Reopening Reversals News

COVID-19 roundup: New York colleges hit brakes on in-person learning; big-time football games sidelined - Nov 12

Syracuse, Hilbert and Niagara among New York private colleges to abandon in-person learning earlier than planned. Outbreaks disrupt college football schedule and start to basketball season.

COVID-19 roundup: As cases spike, more colleges will end semester virtually - Nov 11

Another half dozen institutions shift to virtual learning as coronavirus cases spike around them.

COVID-19 roundup: Colleges embrace various kinds of quarantine - Sep 17

Several universities impose campuswide stay-in-place orders, some of which are just "recommended," while other colleges limit movement of groups of students on campus and off.

COVID-19 roundup: isolation capacity constraints, staff layoffs, spring plans and student parties - Sep 14

Colleges temporarily suspend in-person classes, San Francisco State lays off staff, colleges begin to announce spring plans, some students party on and a college suspends its wrestling program.

COVID-19 roundup: Cuomo cites college cases; campuses enact all-student quarantines or send some home - Sep 9

N.Y. governor cites campus outbreaks and condemns party near NYU. Winona State and Bradley enact two-week campuswide quarantines, and Gettysburg and Ohio University reduce number of students on their campuses.

COVID-19 roundup: strike at Michigan, students suspended and modalities changed - Sep 8

Graduate students at the University of Michigan begin a work stoppage today. Four institutions go online and four hand out dozens of suspensions. The University of Alabama defends its strategy.

COVID-19 Roundup: Cases mount as do worries about infected athletes - Sep 4

More colleges and universities report hundreds of positive cases; report about myocarditis in college athletes as some big-time football programs withhold COVID-19 numbers.

COVID-19 roundup: 6 percent of students at one college have disease; (some) data from Arizona State - Aug 27

More than 400 students at Georgia College have COVID-19; Arizona State releases health data, in part; Oregon goes virtual; and Towson and North Carolina State largely close campuses to students.

COVID-19 roundup: classes delayed and students sent home as administrators crack down on parties - Aug 24

This weekend, several colleges and universities delayed move-ins, put classes online and sent students home around the country. Outbreaks continue to spread on open campuses, often linked to parties.

Michigan State president explains decision to call off in-person undergraduate instruction this fall - Aug 20

Early evidence from universities that tested students returning to campus and from those that didn't test was not encouraging, said Michigan State's president the day after he told undergraduates to stay home this fall.

Pressure mounts on many colleges to move classes online - Aug 19

The incidents at UNC Chapel Hill and Notre Dame are unlikely to dissuade some college leaders from holding classes on campus.

UNC Chapel Hill sends students home and turns to remote instruction - Aug 18

They came. They saw. They clustered. Now, a week after starting classes at UNC Chapel Hill, undergraduates are being sent home as coronavirus spreads on campus.

Colleges walk back fall reopening plans and opt for online-only instruction - Aug 12

Hundreds of colleges announced early this summer they would be reopening for in-person instruction this fall. As start dates near, many backtrack, citing a worsening health crisis.

COVID-19 Roundup: more reversals and the start of in-person classes - Aug 10

Howard, Mount Holyoke and Princeton go online while move-ins, classes and parties begin elsewhere. The Mid-American Conference postpones its fall season and Louisville dismisses three athletes.

COVID-19 Roundup: UNC holds firm on reopening; Hopkins and UMass pivot; Syracuse suspends nondistancing students - Aug 7

Chapel Hill rebuffs recommendations from county health officials to at least delay bringing students back to campus. Syracuse suspends students who didn't social distance. Hopkins and UMass pull back on the fall.

COVID-19 roundup: fall strategy shifts in waves; 'zero' mortality risk for students? - Aug 6

Institutions in New Jersey and Massachusetts revert to mostly virtual instruction; Purdue's president sees "zero lethal risk" to students; instructional and living alternatives crop up.

Colleges reverse decisions to open in person - Jul 31

COVID-19 spread prompts many colleges to reverse plans to bring students back to their physical campuses.

COVID-19 roundup: NYT counts the campus cases, college staff worries, more fall changes - Jul 30

New York Times identifies 6,300 COVID-19 cases linked to 270 colleges, including 14 deaths. Survey finds college staff members wanting more communication from their leaders. And more decisions about campus reopenings (or not).

COVID-19 roundup: Universities see outbreaks, online semesters and free iPads - Jul 27

Two colleges report outbreaks and a third reports its president hospitalized. Duke adjusts plans. Washington State U will go online while Cornell limits student move-in to two suitcases and a backpack. Bowdoin will issue iPads.

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