Inside Digital Learning

Team Players in Teaching

Models for "unbundling" the faculty role differ by institution -- but administrators of competency-based programs particularly believe their approach suits instructors and helps students grow.

Seeking a Shared Global Standard for Digital Credentials

Nine universities in five countries are working together to create a shared infrastructure for digital academic credentials.

The Highs and Lows of Teaching From Afar

In addition to serving students in different locations, online courses are also conducive to teachers who want to work remotely. But doing it effectively can be challenging -- if it's even allowed.

New Online Academic Programs

Colleges begin programs in early childhood education, cybersecurity, strategic management, health data analytics and instructional design.

Injecting the Instructor's Voice Into Asynchronous Courses

Online courses aimed at adults sometimes lose the personal touch. Academics at two institutions discuss how to use short, informal videos to bring the courses alive.

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