Inside Digital Learning

Online Tuition Too High? Cut It in Half

Buoyed by growing enrollment, Champlain College slashed prices for its online undergraduate programs. Administrators are pleased with the results -- which could point to a viable pricing model.

In-Person Bachelor's and Online Master's -- at the Same Time

Bachelor's students at Holy Cross can enroll simultaneously in a data science master's program at Notre Dame. Administrators see such collaborations as integral to the future of traditional colleges.

Supporting Instructors Who Embrace Online Teaching and OER

Meeting instructors where they are can be challenging -- but figuring out how they learn best can be crucial, according to leaders of professional development initiatives.

Injecting the Instructor's Voice Into Asynchronous Courses

Online courses aimed at adults sometimes lose the personal touch. Academics at two institutions discuss how to use short, informal videos to bring the courses alive.

New Online Academic Programs

Colleges begin programs in psychology, HR management, applied biotechnology, information and communication sciences, and education.

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