Inside Digital Learning

From Textbook Rentals to Education Provider

Chegg has long supplemented educational materials from other companies, but is -- with its latest acquisition -- gearing up to provide its own non-degree level credentials. 

The Global Landscape of Online Program Companies

New trove of data suggests a bigger, more complex, more varied ecosystem of companies that work with colleges to take their academic programs online.

New Online Academic Programs

The new degrees and certificates are in applied science, dental assisting, information technology, integrative general studies, interdisciplinary studies, science teaching, and worship and leadership.

Digital Learning in 'Inside Higher Ed' This Week

Among the topics: a conceptual model for higher ed quality and equity; AI brain drain; federal reports on STEM and skilled workers; the spread of chatbots.

Digital Learning in ‘Inside Higher Ed’ This Week

Among the topics: helping students sound smarter on email; orientations for adult learners; interview with Sasha Thackaberry.

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